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Web-site Content Use Policy


The City is committed to ensuring that the Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel web-site is content rich, and provides useful, quality content. The City shall:

  1. Make reasonable efforts to keep material on the Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel web-site current, but can give no assurances in that regard.
  2. Post this policy on the city common network drive so that it is accessible to all employees.
  3. Provide a link to this policy from the footer which appears on all pages of the Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel web-site to an electronic copy of this policy so it is accessible from every page of the Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel web-site.


The material posted to the Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel web-site is placed in the public domain as a community information service for use by residents, students, tourists and businesses.

Conditions of Use

The use of photos, graphics, and text appearing on the Burnaby web-site is subject to the following conditions:

  1. May be used by others on their own web-sites if:
    1. It would bring positive attention to Burnaby and enhance awareness of the City's social, environmental or economic objectives.
    2. Promote Burnaby as a destination of choice for working, living or playing.
    3. Have potential value to the community as a whole.
  2. Shall be limited to use in public areas of the other web-site only (i.e. use of material in member-only or restricted areas of a site is prohibited).
  3. Shall be periodically checked on the source material on the Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel web-site, so that any updates made by the City of Burnaby are also incorporated into their web-site.
  4. Does not constitute endorsement of the other content on their web-site by the City of Burnaby.
  5. Use of photos, graphics:
    1. Shall only appear in areas of the other web-site which relate directly to the City of Burnaby and shall not be used in generic banners, advertising or other non-Burnaby related sections of the web-site.
    2. Shall reference the source of the photo or graphic by including the following statement, "Photo(s) (and/or graphic(s)) used with the permission of the City of Burnaby".
    3. Shall not be altered or edited in any way other than resizing of the whole image (i.e. cropping, stretching, or other forms of digital or manual manipulation are not permitted).

Shall not use the Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel, City of Burnaby logo or coat of arms without written permission from the City of Burnaby.