Farm to Fork

Potato Ricer

Ricers were used to puree soft foods, before blenders and similar electric appliances were invented. Cooked, peeled vegetables were placed inside, then squeezed through the holes using a wooden pestle.


The name of the device reflects the fact it was most often used for pureeing potatoes, in order to mash them; and also because when the vegetable are squeezed out of the holes, they are in strings approximately the same diameter as a grain of cooked rice. Some cooks today still use ricers; they are popular for making home-made baby food.


Egg Scale (or grader)

When chickens lay eggs, they may be a variety of sizes. Eggs of different sizes are separated by size (or grade) to sell them. This small scale was used to determine the weight of the egg, to enable the farmer to assign it the correct grade