By Month

Pre-registration is required. Registration can be completed over the phone (604-297-4565), in-person at the Museum or any Burnaby recreation centre, or on-line through WebReg. (The family PIN and client numbers are available at Burnaby recreation centres.) Burnaby Neighbourhood History program links are to registration information on the Burnaby Public Library website.

Museum members receive 10% off these registered programs. Code hyper-links are for on-line registration.

Use these links to jump to specific months:

November January February March


            Forging Fridays, Nov 2

            Blacksmithing Immersion, Nov 3

            Blacksmithing – Letter Opener, Nov 4

            Blacksmithing Immersion, Nov 10

            Blacksmith Basic, Nov 17

            Seasonal Wreath Workshop, Nov 17

            Blacksmith – Letter Opener, Nov 18

            Cookie Cutter Workshop, Nov 18


            Indigenous Salve Making, Jan 10

            Indigenous Tea Making, Jan 19


            Forging Fridays, Feb 1

            Blacksmithing Immersion, Feb 2

            Love Farmhouse Kitchen Classics – Pie Dough, Feb 2

            Blacksmith Basic, Feb 3

            Blacksmithing Immersion, Feb 9

            Love Farmhouse Kitchen Classics – Sourdough, Feb 9

            Blacksmithing – Tool Making, Feb 10

            Blacksmithing Immersion, Feb 16

            Love Farmhouse Kitchen Classics – Ricotta Cheese, Feb 16

            Blacksmithing – Tong Making, Feb 17

            Family Day At The Carousel, Feb 19

            Blacksmith – Letter Opener, Feb 23

            Love Farmhouse Kitchen Classics – Pizza Dough, Feb 23

            Blacksmith Basic, Feb 24


            Forging Fridays, Mar 1

            Blacksmithing Immersion, Mar 2

            Indigenous Tea Making, Mar 2

            Love Farmhouse Kitchen Classics – Canning, Mar 2

            Blacksmith Basic, Mar 3

            Blacksmithing Immersion, Mar 9

            Indigenous Sale Making, Mar 9

            Blacksmith Basic, Mar 10

            Blacksmithing – Tong Making, Mar 16

            Spring Break Heritage Adventure Camp, Mar 18 –Mar 22

            After Camp Care, Mar 18 – Mar 22

            Spring Break Heritage Adventure Camp, Mar 25 – Mar 29

            After Camp Care, Mar 25 – Mar 29

            Blacksmith – Letter Opener, Mar 31