Business As Usual

September 25–November 9, 2018 & January 22–May 3, 2019
10–11:30am or 12:30–2pm

This program offers engaging, hands-on activities at the barbershop, general store, print shop, bank and blacksmith. Students discover the variety of services provided in early Lower Mainland communities, and discuss how gender roles and technology changes affected the workplace. This program encourages participants to practice historical inquiry while comparing their own community with one from the 1920s.

Adapts well for K-7 including all levels of ESL.

Curriculum: Grades 1-4
Capacity: 30 participants*
Cost: $140 per program

* Note: Escorting adults, supplied by the group, must accompany in a ratio of 1 adult per 10-12 participants, when the participants are under 19 years of age.