Home Sweet Home

September 25–November 9, 2018 & January 22–May 3, 2019
10–11:30am or 12:30–2pm

What makes a house a home? Participants examine the differences and similarities between a log cabin, a single working man’s home, a farmhouse, an upper-middle-class house and a storekeeper’s living quarters in this engaging program. Various hands-on household chores highlight gender roles, new household technologies, and their impact on families living in the Lower Mainland.

This program adapts well for adults and beginner ESL.

Curriculum: Grades 1-4
Capacity: 30 participants*
Cost: $140 per program

* Note: Escorting adults, supplied by the group, must accompany in a ratio of 1 adult per 10-12 participants, when the participants are under 19 years of age.