Our Village represents a tram stop community in the lower mainland in the 1920s. Many of the exhibits, such as the blacksmith, school and homes, are staffed with historical interpreters dressed in period costume that reflects their occupations.

This four button suit is made of grey/brown fine checked wool. The yellow print bow tie and brown Fedora hat complete the outfit.

Clothing in the 1920s often evokes the image of a “flapper” in her beaded dress. The reality is that most people wore garments appropriate for the tasks at hand and left the beaded dress for the dance floor.

The women in the Village wear practical dresses for working at the general store, print shop or in one of our four houses. The men wear suits, dress shirts and ties for jobs in the bank or overalls and work shirts for working in the Farmhouse garden or at the tinsmith shop.

This two piece dress is made from cotton and linen. The cream polka dot print of the dress is trimmed with the contrasting fabric in brown. The straw cloche hat is simply trimmed with the dress fabric and tied in a bow at the back.