2014 Summer

At the Movies:

Lights, Camera ACTION

Burnaby Village is Going to the Movies. Visitors can:

  • experience what it was like to go to the movies in Burnaby in the early 20th century
  • see archival film footage of Burnaby landmarks
  • learn about the active film industry in Burnaby today

Stride Studios:  memorabilia from famous movies and TV series filmed in Burnaby. The display also offers a peek behind the scenes of Burnaby's thriving film industry, recognition of the many crafts and skills that are involved in movie-making, and the importance of the industry in Burnaby and British Columbia today.

Central Park Theatre (a 1920s-style movie house):  a special film series curated by Graham X Peat is featured, along with archival film footage of Burnaby.

Real Estate Office:  a display about going to the movies in Burnaby, with photographs and objects from Burnaby's many theatres ranging from the silent film era to the drive-in movie. See old-fashioned projectors and learn a bit about how movies were made in the pre-digital era.