2015 Summer

Summer of 2015:  Homegrown Harvest

We invited visitors to see what was growing in our heritage-style exhibit gardens. From backyard gardens to commercial farms, Burnaby has a long history of agriculture. Visitors learned about a variety of heirloom plants, and find out what kinds of food grows in Burnaby – past and present. 


Stride Studios Exhibit

Burnaby is a good place to grow food.

The community has a long history of food production, from First Nations harvesting of wild cranberries through to urban farms operating in Burnaby today.

The display focused on the 1860s to 1950s; a time when people grew food and raised animals on commercial farms, in small family farms, and in backyard gardens. Bees, berries, eggs, dairy, fruit, berries, and vegetable-growing are featured.

It was a peek into a kitchen to see the history of growing and preserving food in Burnaby.



Meadow: What's in Burnaby Backyards

There are many productive gardens growing in backyards throughout the community. See examples of:

  • the variety of vegetables grown in backyards
  • ways that backyard gardens make ingenious use of limited space
  • how gardens save money
  • foods used in traditional recipes brought to Burnaby from around the globe

Visitors tracked the growth of a variety of plants, from roma tomatoes to chayote, from kale to cumbers.


Ward Teulon: Growing Season - Berries & Bees

Burnaby's urban gardens were celebrated with a selection of photographs of plants and insects by urban gardener and photographer Ward Teulon. Images were enjoyed at the Stride Studios Gallery and Multipurpose Room. Presented in conjunction with Burnaby Art Gallery.