2016 Summer


 Summer of 2016

Stride Studios: Technology Before the Smartphone

Long before the smartphone, the world was transformed by communications technology including telegraphs, photographs, and cameras. Come learn about the amazing machines and how they worked. 


Around the Village

Steam Shed
Between the blacksmith and the log cabin is our newly enhanced steam engine display. Many of the engines have now been refurbished, new information panels installed and regular demonstrations are planned for the summer.

The Jesse Love Farmhouse was built in 1893. This farmhouse is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Burnaby. It was originally built on Cumberland Avenue. The main floor has been restored to its 1925 appearance.

Seaforth School
This school building opened in Burnaby in 1922 with 20 students. It was located on the north side of Burnaby Lake at Government Street and Piper Avenue.

C.W. Parker Carousel & Exhibit Room
In the Carousel Pavilion, learn about the history of the C.W. Parker Carousel and see photographs of the factory where it was made. A new exhibit features touch screen computers where you can discover more information about your favourite horse. Also, try out the new postcard kiosk. Take a digital photograph of yourself to share with your friends by email or Facebook. And, don't forget to take a whirl on the carousel!

Interurban Tram 1223
Interurban 1223, the Museum's restored electric tram, was originally built in 1912. At the tram barn, visitors can tour the tram and see photographs of the construction of the century-old machine.