Only a Few Weeks Left

Come for a Heritage Experience Soon!

Labour Day is just a few weeks away and that means that our Summer Season is coming to a close soon.

Stop by:  

  • our Demonstration Market Garden (and all its displays and activities)
  • the Way Sang Yuen Wat Kee herbalist shop (see the refreshed displays and take part in a sensorary experience)
  • the Drugstore (spin the wheel to learn out 1920s illnesses and cures)
  • MacKay Barbershop (tryout the chair; are you ready for a close shave?)

Check the daily schedules, you could :

  • take part in a hertiage chore (laundry, buttermaking, grinding coffee)
  • be a student in our 1920s school 
  • see the tinsmith cut, crimp and curl metal into useful items
  • take a ride in a 1924 Model T Ford (weather dependent) 

We're open Tuesday-Sunday plus Labour Day (September 3, 2018). Labour Day is the last day of our summer season; we have a whole day of family fun activities planned.