Summer Fun

What Interests You?

All summer long, we offer scheduled and 'happen-upon' activities. So far, our staff, volunteers and visitors have been having a blast. Have a look . . . .

Demonstration Market Garden Information Ewen at the Royal Oak Garage

Visitors, short and tall, are

interested in learning more

about our demonstration 

Market Garden.

Ewen, volunteer extraordinaire,

always has a nugget of

information to share at the

Royal Oak Garage.

 Tinsmith Demonstrations  Sitting on Elworth Porch

Visitors have been treated

to regularly scheduled

Tinsmith demos. In the 1920s,

flat tin was cut, curled and

crimped into many useful 

household items.

Elworth House is a designated

heritage building. It's on

the original 1922 foundations

here. On a hot summer day,

sitting on the porch is


Two O'Clock Tours  Wash Day 1920s Style

Join a 'Two-O'Clock Tour'. 

Free tours are offered Monday

-Friday, just sign up at the main


Volunteers Natasha and Amy have

many eager hands to help with

laundry chores 1920s style.

Check out the daily event schedules here.
Each day has a unique offering - from rides in a 1924 Model T, churning butter, laundry days, gardener-in-residence, to herbalist research updates.