Volunteer Opportunities

Costumed Interpretation Volunteers

Available opportunities: Daily, May-early September & late November-early January

Volunteers in our summer and Christmas seasons assist in making our guests' visits more enjoyable. Dressed in 1920s costumes, volunteers are stationed in various buildings in the Village and provide basic historical information to visitors.

School Program Volunteers

Available opportunities: Weekdays, September-November & January-April

Over the regular school year, the Programming Department has an active group of enthusiastic volunteers who commit at least one day a week to ongoing school programs. School program volunteers escort school groups between exhibits and provide historical information to the children. They work in conjunction with the Museum's interpreter staff.

Special Event Volunteers

Available opportunities: Several dates throughout the year

Volunteering for special events is both fun and challenging. Well attended events like Canada Day are never dull. Others, like Haunted Village, where the site is transformed by our design team with ghostly creatures for Halloween, offer special opportunities to dress up in fantastic costumes.

Camp Volunteers

Available opportunities: Weekdays, Spring Break, July and August

If you like working with kids, our Spring Break and Summer Camps provide exciting volunteer opportunities. This volunteer work with children is rewarding and full of activities. Volunteers need to be available for a week at a time, for one to six weeks, from 9am to 3pm. Fluency in English is essential.

Curatorial Volunteers

Available opportunities: Ongoing, schedule varies

A small number of Volunteers are selected to work in the Curatorial department to help with a variety of tasks, including historical research and cataloguing unique artifacts. Volunteers with specialized knowledge about a particular type of artifact help us learn more about how an item was used in the past, and share that information with the public.

Conservation Volunteers

Available opportunities: Ongoing, schedule varies

Under the direction of the Conservator, a small number of volunteers with specialized skills repair and maintain vintage cars from the Museum's collection. This category also includes volunteers who repair, maintain and sometimes operate steam equipment and mechanized musical instruments.