Adventure Guide

Your Passport to Exploring the Village


The Guide will lead Adventurers through hands-on activities, crafts and puzzles. They will be matching, exploring, and creating their way around the Village and even enjoying a carousel ride!

The 24-page Guide is full-on 1920s fun. The special activities at 6 locations in the Village lead Adventurers through some of the daily routines and tasks of the period. There are experiences and activities in the Dry Goods, Tinsmith, Royal Bank, General Store, Tram Barn and Carousel Pavilion. Adventurers need to be observant, thoughtful and ready to try new things. Guides also include post-visit projects. Children can take on the Adventure by themselves or work with adult partners.

Available at the gates for $6/guide (includes taxes).
Recommended for ages 8yrs and older or 5yrs with an adult.

Sample Pages

Sample page of the Adventure Guide. The Royal Bank stop. Tin Smith Shop, sample page from the Adventure Guide.