Passports to Exploring

Your Passports to Exploring the Village

Scavenger Hunt

Tile, wallpaper, and quilts--everywhere you look, patterns abound. Pick up a clue sheet and search for designs and activities as you explore the Village. 

The Adventure Guide: Our Village

The Guide will lead Adventurers through hands-on activities, crafts and puzzles. There is matching, exploring, and creating activities around the Village. Plus enjoyi a carousel ride!

The 24-page Guide is full-on 1920s fun. The special activities at 6 locations in the Village lead Adventurers through some of the daily routines and tasks of the period. There are experiences and activities in the Dry Goods, Tinsmith, Royal Bank, General Store, Tram Barn and Carousel Pavilion. Adventurers need to be observant, thoughtful and ready to try new things. Guides also include post-visit projects. Children can take on the Adventure by themselves or work with adult partners.

Available at the gates for $6/guide (includes taxes).
Recommended for ages 8yrs and older or 5yrs with an adult.

Sample Pages

Sample page of the Adventure Guide. The Royal Bank stop. Tin Smith Shop, sample page from the Adventure Guide.

NEW! The Village Adventure Pack

To fully experience the Village,Off with Their Adventure Packs try our NEW Adventure Pack!

The Adventure Guide leads you through hands on creative activities and exploration adventures at 6 locations around the Village. Two rides on our marvelous 1912 CW Parker Wurlitzer Carousel (because one is never enough) are included, as well a large ice cream cone from our authentic Ice Cream Parlour, there are plenty of flavours to choose from! At the end of the day, a canvas adventure bag, carousel magnet, Burnaby Village Museum reusable water bottle and, of course your completed Adventure Guide will make wonderful mementos.

Available at the gates for $19.50 per pack (includes taxes). 
Recommended for ages 8yrs and older or 5yrs with an adult.