Tours, Activities & Demos

There is lots to see and do on-site this summer: new tours, activities and demonstrations.

We will be offering many many opportunities this summer. Take a look at what last summer (2017) looked like: 

Adventure Guide
Explore the Village with our new Adventure Guide. $6 per guide includes activities, puzzles, and a carousel ride.

Village Tour
Tuesday - Friday, 2pm
Enjoy a guided tour of the Village. Topics change daily. 30-45 minutes, space is limited, sign up at the Main Village Entrance.

Red Serge Days
Tuesdays, 12noon-2pm,  July and August
Put Yourself in a Picture! Burnaby RCMP in their splendid red serge will onsite and ready to meet, greet and pose with visitors.

First Nations Activities
Tuesdays-Fridays, 11am-2pm, May & June 
Saturdays, 12noon-4pm, May & June
Fridays, 12noon-4pm, July & August 
Learn from our Coast Salish educators about the importance of Burnaby lands to local first nations through stories, puppets and maps.

Model T Car Rides
Tuesdays & Wednesdays,1-3pm, all season 
Enjoy a ride around the Village (weather permitting). By donation.

Steam Equipment Demos
Fridays, 2 & 3:30 all season 
See the power of steam firsthand.

School Days
Saturdays and Sundays, 12noon & 3pm, all season 
Be a student in a 1920s one-room schoolhouse.

Tinsmithing Demos
Sundays 2 & 3:30pm, all season
Watch our tinsmith cut, crimp, curl.

Quilting Demos
Sundays, 12noon-4pm, May and June
Watch Pacific Spirit Quilter Guild members showcase their talents.

Sundays, 12noon-4pm, all season
Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 12noon-4pm, July and August
Drop-in on our Gardener-in-Residence and learn how to see, plant, grow, tackle pests, and ensure bountiful harvests.

Pop-Up Library
Fridays, 11am-2pm, July
Come browse, borrow and return library materials

Chinese Calligraphy Activity
Fridays, 12-4pm, August
Explore the beauty of this ancient art and create your own calligraphy master piece.

Auto Shop Apprentice
Tuesdays, 12noon & 1:30pm, July-August 
Join us at the corner garage to learn about vintage mechanics, classic car culture and the Model T Ford.

First Nations Cultural Presentations
Saturdays, 12noon-4pm, July and August 
Coast Salish community members share their knowledge about different aspects of Indigenous culture and history.