Neighbourhood Speaker Series


April 29, 2021


7:00 PM8:30 PM


Traditional, Ancestral & Unceded: A Conversation on Territorial Acknowledgements

Presenters: Fancy Poitras, Indigenous Relations Manager for the City of Burnaby and Rebekah Mahaffey, Social Planner for the City of Burnaby

Fancy and Rebekah discuss the City of Burnaby’s journey into Truth and Reconciliation, and how you can better understand this journey in your own life.


Register at, or call 604-436-5400, or in person at any Burnaby Public Library branch. Or join us on the Burnaby Village Museum Facebook page at the event date and time.

Zoom Details:  

Community members are invited to bring and ask questions of the speakers during these free, interactive online sessions. 


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Contact Information

Burnaby Public Library: 604-436-5400

Presented in partnership by Burnaby Village Museum and Burnaby Public Library.


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