Bat Box Workshop




Interested in helping to support local bats? Get a group together and join us in celebration of International Bat Week! Mama bats need help finding homes to raise their pups. In this family-friendly workshop, Danielle Dagenais, bat educator in partnership with the South Coast Bat Conservation Society, will help you to create a shelter for our furry-winged friends. Each group will take home a multi-chambered bat box that can be installed outside your home, rural cabin, or farm. A 30-minute introductory presentation about local bats and the importance of bat boxes will precede building activities. Snacks will be provided. Family groups can have up to 8 participants and adult groups may have up to 4 participants. Only one registration required per group.

Age Range

5+ years


Group Rate (up to 8 people) $90

Contact Information

Session Date(s) Note Time Location Register Online
October 24, 2021 5+ years 10:00 AM2:00 PM Burnaby Village Museum


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