World Rivers Day

September 18, 2020

Since 2013, the Burnaby Village Museum has hosted a BC Rivers Day celebration on the fourth Sunday in September. Due to COVID-19, this year’s event on September 27 is cancelled. We look forward to celebrating with you next year.

As this year marks the 40th anniversary of BC River’s Day, we recognize the long standing contribution this event has had on our community. Check out ways you can join the celebration from home this year.

Join the Celebration!

Learn about your local waterways and the restoration efforts to help protect these environments.

Burnaby’s Waterways

Did you know that the City of Burnaby has over 90 creeks, two lakes, and a river within its geographic boundaries?

Celebrate BC Rivers Day by learning about the waterways in your neighbourhood. Many of these waterways are located within Burnaby parks. If you are exploring Burnaby’s waterways, please stay on trails to avoid damaging the natural vegetation next to streams.

View the Waterways of Burnaby map »
If you would like a hard copy, printed waterways map please contact to make an appointment to come to City Hall for pick up.

Eco-Story Map

Burnaby recognizes the importance of environmentally sensitive areas and works with developers to enhance streamside habitat, daylight sections of the creek or to plant native trees and shrubs.

Check out our Eco-Story Map for some examples of successful ecosystem restoration on development sites.

Short Films

  • Saving the Salmon; the Brunette River Story
    This short film was produced by the City of Burnaby Community Heritage Commission to commemorate Burnaby's 125th anniversary. It features the story of the preservation of the Brunette River.
  • Saving Burnaby Lake
    This short film was produced by the City of Burnaby Community Heritage Commission to commemorate Burnaby's 125th anniversary. It features the story of the preservation of Burnaby Lake.
  • Kids, Creeks and Nature
    Gilpin Elementary students are led by Mark Angelo who educates the children about nature and the importance of protecting their local environments.
  • Urban Salmon in the Brunette River – Metro Vancouver
    The installation of the Cariboo Dam Fish Ladder, along with an improved fish habitat, has resulted in the return of salmon to the Brunette River and Stoney Creek.
  • Guichon Creek Restoration
    Mark Angelo reflects on the 40 year urban stream restoration of Guichon Creek in Burnaby.
  • Salmon Return to Still Creek
    Mark Angelo and others tell an inspiring story about salmon and the transformation of Still Creek, which was a long-abused urban stream in their community.

History of BC River’s Day

In 1980, Burnaby resident and river conservationist, Mark Angelo, founded BC Rivers Day in an effort to raise awareness about the importance that rivers play in our environments as well as the need for better river management to protect these vital resources.

In 1993, the City of Burnaby was the first municipality in BC to proclaim BC River’s Day. Since then, the City works with community partners to host an annual community event.

Thousands of Canadians now celebrate each year making this Canada’s largest river appreciation event. In 2005, the United Nations established World Rivers Day which is now a global event to celebrate rivers each year on the fourth Sunday of every September.

Meet the Founder

“Rivers are the arteries of our planet; they are lifelines in the truest sense.” – Mark Angelo

Mark Angelo, a Burnaby resident, is the founder of BC Rivers Day and World Rivers Day. He is an avid river conservationist and has been recognized by his effort throughout Canada, receiving awards, recognitions and even the Order of Canada for his river conservation efforts.

To learn more about the founder and the history behind Rivers Day, visit BC Rivers Day and World Rivers Day.

Burnaby Streamkeepers Program

The Burnaby Streamkeeper and stewardship groups are dedicated to protecting Burnaby’s waterways and watersheds. These committed group of volunteers dedicate their time to monitor, enhance and advocate for the protection of waterways as well as adjacent streamside riparian areas that support aquatic life.

Do you want to be a steward of your watershed or find out where to watch the salmon spawn?

Check out the Burnaby Streamkeepers Program page to see a list of active streamkeeper groups to contact for more information.


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