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View details on our 2 feature exhibits: Truths Not Often Told: Being South Asian in Burnaby and OVERCASTE.

Truths Not Often Told: Being South Asian in Burnaby

The exhibit highlights the stories of Burnaby’s South Asian Canadian communities as they migrated to Burnaby in the early 1900s to find jobs, experienced restrictive policies and worked together to build community supports. The exhibit evolved from a multi-year research project to record and present the diverse experiences of Burnaby’s South Asian Canadian communities and features recorded poetry and plays, family photographs, cultural belongings and the commissioned art by renowned South Asian visual artist, Jag Nagra.

Truths Not Often Told was produced in close consultation with the Museum’s South Asian Advisory Committee and curated by Burnaby Village Museum’s Curator Jane Lemke and Simon Fraser University Visiting Faculty Dr. Anushay Malik.


The OVERCASTE exhibit sheds light on the pervasive existence of caste discrimination in Canada, challenging the myth that it doesn't exist in this country. Curated by the Poetic Justice Foundation, this exhibit exposes caste-based prejudice and emphasizes the resilience of the community fighting against this systemic inequality.

Through a series of firsthand stories, captivating photographs capturing moments of struggle and resilience, engaging timelines illustrating historical milestones, and interactive displays inviting participation, the exhibit offers a visual journey into the Dalit experience in BC. Visitors can expect to immerse themselves in the personal narratives shared by individuals, witnessing the challenges encountered in every aspect of their lives. The exhibit contextualizes these experiences within the broader framework of caste-based prejudice and inequality, encouraging visitors to actively engage with the material, gain insights, and reflect on their own roles in fostering change.

OVERCASTE will debut to the public during Spring Break: March 18 to 28, 11 am-4:30 pm daily in the Multi-Purpose Room (20)

Following its debut at the Burnaby Village Museum, OVERCASTE will become a travelling exhibit intended to spread awareness about the Dalit Canadian experience internationally.

For more information on the Poetic Justice Foundation, please visit www.poeticjustice.foundation.

Poetic Justice Foundation

The Poetic Justice Foundation develops content, workshops, and events to provoke, challenge and disrupt systemic inequities and biases. They work to create safe spaces for exploration, learning and healing to foster societal change. Their ultimate goal is to educate, organize and mobilize Canadians to achieve and protect equal rights in all aspects of social, political and economic life.


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