Past Exhibits

Burnaby, Then & Now

Stride Studios exhibition gallery
May 2017 to September 2018

The gallery featured a display of historic photographs of well-known landmarks presented alongside present-day photographs of the same locations. Maps and hands-on interactives encouraged exploration of the community’s past and present.

Technology Before the Smartphone

Stride Studios exhibition gallery
May to September 2016

The gallery featured examples of communications technology from the early 1900s, including telegraph equipment, telephones, cameras, phonographs, radios and office machines. The exhibit explained how these technologies worked and explored the social impact of these inventions. The display featured an interactive crank telephone that activated a telephone switchboard.

Homegrown Harvest

Stride Studios exhibition gallery
May to September 2015

This exhibit featured photographs, research and artifacts related to commercial and backyard agriculture in Burnaby. Beekeeping equipment, kitchen tools and agricultural implements were displayed with stories and photographs showing how they were used in Burnaby.

Burnaby Makes Movies

Stride Studios exhibition gallery
May to September 2014

Stride Studios Memorabilia, photographs, props, and costumes were used to highlight the Burnaby people and businesses who contribute to one of B.C.’s most important industries.

On the Air: Live from the Burnaby Village Museum

Stride Studios exhibition gallery and throughout the Village
May to September 2013

The exhibit featured a working radio station broadcasting to a network of radios located throughout the Village, re-creating the experience of an early 20th century community radio station. Content featured on "Radio BVM" included recordings from 1920s and 1930s broadcasts and popular songs from the era. Visitors also participated in creating content that was broadcast over the network.


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