Neighbourhood Speaker Series


May 12, 2021


7:00 PM8:30 PM


Are We Really Changing? Reflections on Reconciliation

Presenter: Brandon Gabriel, Mixed-Media Artist and Activist

In partnership with the Burnaby Festival of Learning

If we have not changed the way we introduce ourselves to each other and this land then what are we reconciling? If resource exploitation, racism and colonization continue today, how can we change? Join Brandon as he looks back at some highlights of his 27 year artistic journey and shares what you can do to tackle reconciliation in your own life.


Register at, or call 604-436-5400, or in person at any Burnaby Public Library branch. Or join us on the Burnaby Village Museum Facebook page at the event date and time.

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Community members are invited to bring and ask questions of the speakers during these free, interactive online sessions. 


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Burnaby Public Library: 604-436-5400

Presented in partnership by Burnaby Village Museum and Burnaby Public Library.


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